In order to use any of my designs as listed in my shop for commercial use, i.e., to re-sell them as they are, copy or transfer them to anyone else you will be required to purchase a commercial license.

* You cannot sell or make new or clone any of my designs in any art format, .png, .jpg, clip art / graphics / digital image files etc. using any of my designs as appear in my shop unless you purchase a commercial licence to do so. Any infringement of my copyrights will be dealt with accordingly.

** If you are planning to sell items / products you have created using any of my designs, my license allows you to re-create my designs for commercial use.

Please Note: We sell two versions of our 'Commercial Licence'; 'Single Design' and 'Unlimited Designs'. These licences cover you to make use of my tattoo design(s) as listed in my shop. There will be no tangible item (Product). Your digital download and receipt serves as your commercial licence.

Thank you!

Jonathon Deveraoux